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Cluster Computing Magazines

November 29, 2009

Obviously there are people who know far more about cluster computing than me. I subscribe to Linux Magazine, and I manage to get just High Performance Computing resources (as a HPC Weekly) and something called Virtualization (I have yet to figure out what that is). I don’t claim that this is the best source for cluster computing, but it seems to be sponsored by IBM. It also contains far too many impressive words and acronyms that I don’t know.

I also subscribe to other things and read other sites; soon you will be asking for my entire bookmarks list, which I will share online as soon as I can figure out how to attach a file in this blog. WordPress seems to think that any file should contain an image of Katrina Kaif to get uploaded. Junta, any ideas how to share a file through WordPress? Anyway, it’s Google bookmarks, there should be some way of sharing it by googling.