A highly enthusiastic and innovative software engineer with strong fundamentals in all areas of Computer Science; strong problem solving skills and analytical capacity; experience in working well in a large team environment, is goal oriented, with extensive background and experience in the areas of Distributed Systems, Middleware, Real-time Databases, Embedded Systems, Security and Networking.

Work ex

1.cloud.com : cloud.com is a startup, whose CloudStack product helps enterprises and service providers deploy their cloud infrastructure services at a rapid pace. Prominent customers include Tata Communications , GoDaddy, and Zynga. I worked on two features of CloudStack:

  • Templates : Templates are enhanced OS images customized with proprietary applications pre-installled. I helped develop a framework which enables our clients to create/share/distribute/license templates easily.
  • Snapshots and Backup: I was the sole developer for this feature. Snapshots can be taken of Virtual Machines created by end user clients. They can then be restored to the exact original state. Periodic incremental/full backups can also be taken and stored on (more reliable/cheaper) secondary storage.

Snapshots and Backups can be managed by the system administrator/users easily by setting crons and limiting per account storage.

2. In D. E. Shaw India, I worked in two teams:

(a) Feeds Team: High Performance Messaging middleware system.

Provides real-time market data from major stock exchanges in the world like NYSE, NASDAQ, CME, OPRA, LSE etc. This data is multicast (using a Pub/Sub mechanism) to various trading systems in D. E. Shaw (over 600 machines spread over New York, New Jersey, London and Hong Kong) with a low latency of ≈ 100 microseconds. Other prominent features include Selective subscription, Recovery Support and Persistence.

i. Lead developer for the Interactive Data Corporation (IDC) feed. We developed a feed which is 300 milliseconds faster than Reuters providing data for over 30,000 instruments, leading to about a million dollars per year savings for D. E. Shaw.

ii. Developing an in-house replacement for Latency Busting Middleware (LBM) called SWIFT. All market data specified above are dispatched using SWIFT.

iii.Developing a conflated version of a generic feed, which merges several quotes into one but retains all the necessary information for analysis.

iv.Developing a high performance recorder (into flatfiles as well as a DB) for real-time feeds with no-data loss.

(b) Universal Tick Database (UTD) Team:

UTD is a specialized distributed real-time database handling Tera-bytes of stock-market data per day. UTD handles about 10 TB of data per day and processes queries within < 10 microseconds latency. I was involved in the design, implementation and application development of UTD.

The coding was done in Java along with a parallel implementation in C++ using Boost and STL.

Some examples are:

i. A combination of JNI and Java’s NIO features to do the back-end storage.
This required using the underlying Solaris OS direct memory mapping features in both Java and C++.

ii. A parallel (over several multi-core machines) partial merge sort of terabytes of time-series data.

iii. A novel indexed compression schema of variable record-size time series data.

3 Publications

1. On Byzantine Agreement over (2,3) Uniform Hypergraphs, 18th International Symposium On Distributed

Computing (DISC 2004), October 4 – 8, 2004, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2. On The Round Complexity of Distributed Consensus over Synchronous Networks, Brief Announcement,

23rd ACM SIGACT – SIGOPS Symposium On Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC 2004) July

23 – 28, 2004, Newfoundland, Canada1

4 Education

PhD in Computer Science

(Discontinued on medical grounds)

.University of Texas at Austin.

GPA 3.89/4.0

BTECH in Computer Science IIT Madras. GPA: 9.06/10. Completed May 2004

5 Technical Skills

  1. Languages: Java, C/C++, Python, Perl, RoR, scripting (gawk, sed, bash).
  2. Software Technologies familiar with:

J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, EJB, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, MySQL, CORBA, COM

3. Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Solaris.

4. Graduate Courses: Advanced Operating Systems, Data Mining and Warehousing,

Wireless Networking, Security, Advanced Graph Theory

6 Academic Projects


ISPs make individual BGP routing decisions which may result in sub-optimal global

objectives. We model such entities as being “rational” in the sense that they cooperate for a global

objective only if they individually profit by cooperating. We designed and simulated a distributed

algorithm to compute BGP routing tables which results in a Nash Equilibrium and is privacy preserving

(internal ISP topology is not revealed). We used over sixty measured ISP topologies (from RocletFuel )

to evaluate our framework. The quality of negotiated routing is close to that of globally optimal routing

(which uses complete, detailed information about both ISPs).

2. Mayfly:

Mayfly provides additional fault-tolerance for concurrent programs. We detected

cpu exhaustion and deadlock using timed threads limiting cpu time and wall-clock time, respectively.

We modified the Linux kernel and glibc to provide support for timed threads. We also incorporated

checkpointing and an STM to handle recovery and shared data.

3. MSLinux

SELinux, was initially available as a kernal patch, making it difficult to use and configure.

Using the Linux Security Modules (LSM) kernel module (LKM), we achieved significant

reduction in the code footprint. We managed to run SELinux as a LKM with most of the features

but without the complexities involved when installing it as a kernel patch

It turns out that SELinux is now available both as an LSM as well a part of the 2.6 kernel.

7. Awards and Honors

1. Awarded Microelectronics and Computer Development Fellowship for pursuing graduate studies in

Computer Sciences by University of Texas at Austin.

2. Represented India in the International Physics Olympiad 2000 held in the United Kingdom and

secured Honorable Mention.

3.Gold Medalist in the Indian National Physics Olympiad(INPhO). Was selected among the top

5 in the International Physics Olympiad – Training Camp,2000 held at Mumbai, India.

4. Coordinator of the Inter Collegiate Debugging Contest held as part of Shaastra 2003, the technical

festival of IIT-Madras.

5. Coordinator of the The Paper Presentation Contest as part of Shaastra 2002.


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